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Web Site Analytics

You may have your web site presence on the web already established, but how can you tell how your site is performing with regard to the number of visitors to your website.

You may have heard of Google Analytics but you may not know how to setup Google Analytics for your website. We can provide a service to you where we provide you with a monthly analytics report showing you how your web site is performing. The report can be customised to your needs and delivered to you each month in pdf format via email. We can help take the complexity and frustration out of web site analytics by helping you to set up your site and where to find your Google Analytics code, and then simplify things for you by compiling a useful and tailored report to meet your needs.

Site Analytics

Our Web Site Analytics service provides you with a comprehensive report about the visitors to your site, how they got there and what they did while on your site.

Our report can be tailored to your needs, but we can include data from Google Anlaytics such as the number of visits from your home country, other countries and also separate the visits where the user stayed less than 1 second.

Visits where the duration is less than 1 second could be visits from robots (scanning your site for example) or those users who may have landed at your site in error - either way the visit represent no value to you in determining whether it was a genuine visitor interested in your site and it's content.

Typically our graphics are over a 12 month period but this can be extended or made shorter depending on your needs.


Reports tailored just for you.

There are many different views we can create for your report - for example we can break down the vistors of your home country by city and rank the number of visits in to groups.

In this example we have grouped the site visitors by city in to the top 5, 6-10, and the others. We have also reported the percentage of new visitors from each of the 3 groups to indicate how many visitors from each of the groups have not visited the site before.

We can break down your views to highlight key areas or pages of your site and show the number of visits, along with the duration.

In this example below we have separated the visits to the home page, a further 2 key pages, and the remaining pages on the site - however the grouping could be linked to certain numbers of pages that may be assoicated to one area of your business or site.

We have also reported the average time the visitors spent on each of the key pages, and the other pages combined average.

We also include more specific details of the pages visited each month, the number of new visitors, how many entries there are to each page and how many exits.

We can also detail the average time spent by all visitors to each page, and the number of organic searches in which the page link was displayed.

Please contact us today and we will be happy to discuss with you any requirements you have and work towards a tailored report that meets your needs, and provides you with the valuable data that you will need for your business to suceed on line.

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its4your.com offers services to help you build and maintain your presence on the web. We can create new web sites using Wordpress or Joomla, or update and maintain existing sites. We also set up google analytics tracking on your site and if required provide you with regular analytics reports tailored to meet your needs.


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