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Affordable web design for small business

Web Design Services for Small Business

Do you need a quality web site design for your small business at an affordable price? We can help create a unique design to match your business that is tailored to your requirements - and it won't cost you an arm and a leg. If you are a small business or sole trader, talk to us first - you will be surprised how cost effective it can be. 

We create unique WordPress & Joomla web designs to give you a professional quality build on tried and tested platforms that are used to power a huge number of the worlds web sites. 

wordpress web design for small business
joomla website design for small business

Our site builder is one of the most comprehensive and flexible available and we can create almost anything, anywhere, on any page.

Layouts and Styles

100's of styles & 1000's of combinations

Over 180 page layouts

With our site builder we have access to over 180 premium layouts, and can pull in any layout to the active design page. This allows us to create a unique page layout in a minimal amount of time, helping to reduce the time it takes to create your site.

Over 130 unique designs

There are over 130 beautiful and elegant designs that we can use to create a stylish and exceptionally functional web site. Through a combination of the layouts and styles we are able to create that "wow" factor web site you are looking for in a fraction of the time it would take to do yourself.

Create a unique style

We set a huge variety of options on your web site to create something totally unique - including modification of fonts, colours and spacing. In addition we can enhance the look of your site with access to over 125 premium icons and over 600 Google+ fonts.

Extensive Element Library

Our page builder is equipped with over 30 superb elements including accordion, gallery, maps, slide show, video and much more!


Accordion element

Expand each section of the accordion element to reveal detailed text,  images and much more!

Click the "+" to expand

Each sub section of the accordion can display different text, images or both

As many sub sections as you like

With the accordion element, we can include as many sub sections as you desire.


  • slider element item for your web site
  • slider element item for your web site
  • slider element item for your web site
  • slider element item for your web site

    Other Elements


    Display an alert


    Display a button to command an action


    display a timer counting down

    List/Description List

    Display a list of items or points with descriptions


    Display a fixed image/photo


    Display an icon image from the library


    Take name and email for email subscription


    Display image with popover points


    Create links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc


    Display Tabbed content, overview, specs etc

    Mobile Header Layouts

    We offer a choice of three different mobile header layouts. Apply one of the navigation modes and define the breakpoints for mobiles.

    • Dropdown, Modal and Offcanvas menus

    • Different animations for all menu types

    • Various menu styles

    The mobile menu is activated by tapping the 3 bars in the top left corner of the screen. 

    With the OffCanvas option, the menu sweeps in from the left to display the menu items. 

    In Modal mode, the menu sweeps in to cover the entire screen. This is a good option if you have an extensive number of items in the menu.

    In Dropdown mode, the menu sweeps down from the top, and can expand to the full size of the screen if necessary.

    Customisation of your web site

    In addition to a huge array of layouts and styles, we can create a custom layout that is unique to you. By varying colours & fonts for countless items of each page, and the locations of the various elements we can create a completely unique page design for your site.

    The examples below a just a few of the many settings that can be customised.


    Global settings such as the font family & font sizes are all possible to customise.

    We can make changes to the global typography settings (fonts, sizes, headings etc), the colours of text, links and hover, backgrounds, borders, spacing, and the screen resolution breakpoints for the various devices.



    Change backgrounds, borders, margins and padding for pages, headers & sections

    We can also make changes to the theme page borders, headers, toolbar, page containers as well as customising the inverse styles, and the Google fonts.


    Change the inverse setting for almost any section including fonts, headings, navigation, sections & many more

    Inverse styles are used on darker areas and backgrounds of the web site to make text and border etc clearer to read. For example having white text on a darker background is easier to read than black text on a dark background.

    Web site build

    We are with you all the way from start to finish.


    Planning your web site

    Before starting work on your site we will work with you to plan your site, helping you to determine the structure and style, layout, keywords and images.


    building your web site

    We will build a demo copy of your site on our own server, so that you can view and approve the design before it is made live.


    making your web site live

    after your site has been approved by you, we will load the content to your live site, and submit to search engines such as Google, Bing & Yahoo.

    Contact us now!

    For further information about our web design services, please contact us now offers services to help you build and maintain your presence on the web. We can create new web sites using Wordpress or Joomla, or update and maintain existing sites. We also set up google analytics tracking on your site and if required provide you with regular analytics reports tailored to meet your needs.


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